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at Kinkoona Farm


Unlike most sheep farms, Kinkoona Farm appears to some like an Australian spa.

As the rooster crows (not always as the sun rises, we're working on that !!), the sheep sleepily wander from the majestic wooden building on the hillside and survey the surrounding woodlands and green pastures.
Amidst the country sounds of the wildlife they hear the melodic and trill "Coo-wee" of the shepherdess announcing breakfast and come running to the tranquil dining room of choice to eat to their hearts content.

With full bellies, the day's choices begin. A quiet time by the poolside at the water park; a chance to stroll the hillsides in search of a more meaningful existence; or for others, a more active pursuit of baaing and bleating, a head butting challenge, or maybe a back rub?

For those seeking a quieter resort...a chance for a pedicure, vitamin and mineral supplements, or simply time to mix with the international crowd in the social scene of Kinkoona.

Then of course the highlight of the year with the shearing day arrival; all twitching with excitement in line to the barber as they discuss the latest in styles and colors and what their fleeces will become…...

Keenly they also await the new visitors, to teach them all about life at Kinkoona Farm and entice others into taking advantage of the Australian spa nestled in the Amish countryside.

Welcome to baabaashop.com at Kinkoona Farm, we're glad you could swing in!  Stop back often to follow our new developments! Thank you for your patience and support!

For more information, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail us at:

baabaashop.com at Kinkoona Farm
16734 West Dorner Road, Brodhead, WI  53520

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